Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Deutsche Tracks

"Escape From Stuttgart" is a new compilation of material that was created for the Discos Veveos label in Germany. Here's the track listing.

The Terrible people    You Say You Care (menthol mix) 2003
Michael Mangino    Disclosure - Seq. 12
Ghostly Bus     Stolen Bad Guys Tilt Rotor Airways (push forward mix) 2004
Michael Mangino     Disclosure - Seq.  6
Ghostly Bus     King Size 2004
Michael Mangino     Disclosure - Seq. 2
Ghostly Bus     Show Down In Sudan (samba survival mix) 2004
Michael Mangino    Disclosure - Seq. 4
Ghostly Bus    Top Down Time (subaquatic mix) 2004
The Terrible people    Sticky Sticky 2003
Michael Mangino      Disclosure - Seq. 9

As far as I know "Disclosure" was never released.

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